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Ben White

I've been playing in this game since the start. It's a privilege to be apart of such a great event.

I would like to thank all who donate to this cause. Much appreciated!

Thank You!

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Ben White

Pledge your favorite player to help their team bring home the trophy for most money raised - all to support Racker's critical early childhood programs!

* One point represents $1,000 raised. Scoreboard updated daily.


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Mike Schafer

Topher Scott

Alex Green

Anthony Angello

Nick Rock

Alyssa Gagliardi

Joe Nieuwendyk

Greg Hartz

Brian Myers

Scott Goergen

John Schafer

Dusty Paul

Sean Schmidt

Matt Hedge

Spencer Margaret

Cris Donovan

Brandon French

Tom Fox

Larry Pierce

Ben Syer

Ben White

Ben Russell

Bob Shattell

Brandon Kasel

Scott Pronti

Lindsay Browning

Mike Radja

Michael Abdulky

Pat Ouckama

Jake Scott

Mike Rathchuk

Bob Brazill

Sean Flanagan

Doug Derraugh

Jeremy Leroux

Butch Crozier

Kyle Betts

Dan Elberty

Paul Zarach


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Christian Pado

Finn Hobbs


Honorary Trainer

Kent Scriber

Ed Kelly



Arthur Mintz


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