Tompkins Center for History & Culture

Capital Campaign & Publish the Ithaca Kitty's Book

A fundraising campaign for Tompkins Chamber Foundation

The spectacular Tompkins Center for History & Culture is now open to the public!

We hope you've been able to visit and appreciate the fruits of several years of hard work and collaboration that went into making this dream a reality. We now have the task of completing the public phase of the capital campaign, and raising the last $150,000 to ensure this center is all it was meant to be for years to come.

Also, the Ithaca Kitty (a.k.a. Caesar Grimalkin) is about to become more famous now that he has a new home at the Tompkins Center for History & Culture! A new historical fiction book is being written by local author Rebecca Barry, geared towards 4th graders, but will appeal to all ages. Funds are needed to ensure this book is published and distributed nationally.

Some immediate needs you can support with your donation on Giving is Gorges Day include:

* Help the Ithaca Kitty (Caesar Grimalkin) publish his new book!

* Support the outdoor kitty/human haven - the garden at the rear of the center, which needs to be made more cat and human friendly!

* Ensure the program space has adequate tables and chairs to meet the needs of visitors to the center for years to come by sponsoring a table or a chair!

* Support the long term archiving of unique stories from community members.

* Simply make a generous donation to help our Capital Campaign come to a successful close!

Your contributions at this critical phase of the campaign will be key to our shared success. Thank you for considering a donation!

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The Tompkins Chamber Foundation's mission is to promote and sponsor projects which positively impact quality of life, community health, economic successes, the recruitment and retention of a talented and adequate workforce, and yield long-term benefits for the residents of Tompkins County.