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A fundraising campaign for Horizons National

We believe in Horizons… because it works! This Horizons Giving Day, please join us! We are thankful for every one of you for helping kids find a brighter tomorrow!


LYN: I have been actively involved with Horizons for over 40 years, first as the Executive Director at Horizons' original site, then as the founding Executive Director of Horizons National. I now serve on Horizons National's board of directors. I see Horizons as a great long-term strategy to help students from low-income families succeed. I stay involved with Horizons because for years I have seen firsthand the difference it makes for so many young people, their families, and their communities. I hope you'll join us in supporting it.


MICHAEL: I, too, have been involved with Horizons for many years, and believe deeply in its mission. Over the years, I've done everything from maintaining pools, to driving kids on trips, to lugging large duffel bags of Horizons T-shirts for our early affiliates through countless airports! I have also taught Horizons children who have won scholarships to New Canaan Country School, and can attest to the powerful impact this extraordinary program has had on the academic skills and confidence of these children.


MARNIE: I’ve volunteered at Horizons, and an unexpected (but not surprising) reward has been seeing my past students grow up through the program and find success. When you support Horizons, you make that kind of success possible.


ANDREW: Horizons has been a family affair since I was a teenager. I volunteered and later taught at the original Horizons in Connecticut for several years, and now serve on the board of Horizons at San Francisco Friends School. Working with Horizons has been a constant and a labor of love in my life, and I'm glad to be a part of it. 

This Horizons Giving Day, please join us! We are thankful for every one of you for helping kids find a brighter tomorrow!

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About the Organization

HORIZONS NATIONAL is a non-profit that believes all children should have the opportunity to realize their potential.

But today, students from low-income households are six times more likely to drop out of high school and fewer than one third will enroll in college; without educational opportunity, there is no economic mobility.

For students from low-income families, HORIZONS provides proven, high-quality academic and enrichment programs, from pre-K through high school.

By connecting with a long-term, stable community of teachers and peers, HORIZONS students improve their reading and math skills, learn to swim, gain confidence, and 97% graduate from high school on time.

Each new HORIZONS program we open, dedicated to closing gaps in achievement and opportunity, creates a better future for the students, families, and communities we serve.