The Belhaven Fund for Student Scholarships

Every gift made to The Belhaven Fund has meaning and purpose for Belhaven students.

A fundraising campaign for Belhaven University
Every gift made to The Belhaven Fund has meaning and purpose for Belhaven students. With more than 92% of our undergraduate students receiving some degree of financial assistance, giving to The Belhaven Fundhelps provide resources that help cover the gap between the costs of educating each student and the balance owed by each family.

Alumni participation in The Belhaven Fund is critical! In addition to the provision of resources that have an immediate impact for students, annual gifts help sustain Belhaven and maintain the University's viability as one of the leading Christ-centered institutions of higher learning in the nation. Also, the higher our alumni giving participation rate, the greater Belhaven's chances are of receiving major grants from regional and national foundations who consider that a major aspect of their criteria.

It is with a deep spirit of thankfulness we receive support from alumni and friends. While the amount given is an important determinant in the number of students supported, it is the act of making the gift that is the greatest blessing to both the giver and receiver.

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