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Haikus for Help

The big question that I've come to, like many of you, is how can I use my creative skills and gifts to help other people? That question requires a creative solution, and that is how I created a new side project called Haikus for HelpFor this project, I will write a haiku for every $5 donated towards my chosen cause and a poem for every $100. My goal is to raise $2021 by the end of the year, but more importantly, to raise awareness about all the great work that is being done by ShelterBox USA.

​The reason why I chose ShelterBox USA is because the heart of this project is to "Think Globally and Act Locally."  ShelterBox USA is a global nonprofit organization that is based locally in Santa Barbara. They are dedicated to providing disaster relief and shelter to those who live in the hard-to-reach areas of the world and will go above and beyond to do so. I recognized that 2021 has been such a difficult year for the world, for the environment and for all the people in it, and one way to help the world is to support organizations like ShelterBox USA to continue to do amazing work. 

Haikus for Help was created to consider the greater needs of the world while starting where I am and doing what I can, even if it's something small like writing poetry. My goal of $2021 totals out to be about 404 haikus and 20 poems, so that ought to motivate me to keep writing! One of my personal goals is to write a poetry book by the end of my graduate studies, so I will certainly like to include the poetry from Haikus for Help in my collection. The topics for this project will run along the lines of HelpHope, and Home, but I can take on topic requests for the full length poems.

All of your donations will support a great cause! Please share Haikus for Help with your social network to help raise awareness about ShelterBox USA. Donations can be made on my fundraiser page and poetry requests can be made via my contact page. All new poems will be published on my blog www.sabaitide.com

About Me

Sabaitide is an emerging Asian American artist and writer from Santa Barbara, CA. She seeks to understand both her eastern culture rooted in Buddhism and her western views as a Christian while going through the motions of an extra ordinary life.

She is currently challenging herself to write at the graduate level as she explores difficult ideas to put into words. She would like to write a beautiful sci-fi book someday, but in the meantime, she is working on her portfolio and she has a vegan food blog called @partyinmyrice.


@sabaitide @partyinmyrice

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Haikus for HelpThe big question that I've come to, like many of you, is how can I use my creative skills and gifts to help other people? That question...

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