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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GiveGab?

We are the Nonprofit Giving Platform, helping nonprofits across the United States engage their volunteers and donors in one platform and turn them into long term supporters.

You can create crowdfunding campaigns and leverage the support of your best volunteers, donors, or other supporters to come on as fundraisers and spin up their own mini campaigns around yours. Then, they can reach out to their own friends, family, and others to bring in new donors to your cause.

GiveGab helps nonprofit leaders, like you, look great on the job by providing a simple, easy-to-use platform for you to engage your supporters and raise funds online.

GiveGab is more than a platform; we are a team of people who walk the walk. Each and every one of us are donors, volunteers and/or fundraisers whose success is totally tied to the success of your nonprofit raising money.

Our pricing is simple. With each transaction, we collect a small platform fee of 5% plus credit card fees. No upfront fees, ongoing fees or setup fees. No other fees ever.

We only make money if you raise money. That way, we can continue providing valuable features and services to all of our nonprofit customers.

How does GiveGab work?

Nonprofit Admins can create their nonprofit profiles on GiveGab and spin up volunteer opportunities, fundraising campaigns, fundraising events, and more in a matter of minutes. Everything is fully customizable so the look and feel of your own branding comes through on your GiveGab profile, volunteer opportunities, and fundraising campaigns and events.

As the nonprofit begins to recruit volunteers and receive donations, GiveGab provides a whole suite of analytics and reports to help the nonprofit make decisions and increase engagement with their supporters over time. All reports are downloadable to be added to a supporter or donor CRM (customer relationship management).

You can see a whole list of GiveGab’s features here!

Who can use GiveGab?

Any organization who is a registered 501c(3) status can use GiveGab to raise money and manage their nonprofit. To find out if your organization meets this status, find yourself on Guidestar.

Donors can use GiveGab to find campaigns and nonprofits they’d like to donate to.

Volunteers can use GiveGab to find volunteer opportunities in their area.

Colleges and Universities can use GiveGab to manage student volunteer efforts and fundraising campaigns.

National Organizations can use GiveGab to manage their local chapters.

Community Foundations can use GiveGab to manage their different funds and nonprofits.

Volunteer Centers can use GiveGab to link up with their community partners and connect opportunities.

How much does it cost to use GiveGab?

GiveGab knows that one size doesn’t fit all for nonprofits, so we offer three plans for you to choose from: Launch, Engage, and Advance. 

Launch is our basic plan. On the Launch plan, feel free to create unlimited fundraising campaign, events, volunteer opportunities, and more! There is no monthly subscription for the Launch plan, but there is a per donation fee of 5% for the GiveGab platform plus credit card fees.

Engage is our premium plan. You get all the great features of the Launch plan, plus our Engage Donor CRM™ and enhanced user support! The monthly subscription for the Engage plan is $199 per month (billed annually, $249 billed month-to-month), and a per donation fee of 2% for the GiveGab platform plus credit card fees.

Advance is our enterprise plan. You get everything in the Launch and Engage plans, plus a dedicated Customer Success Representative, CRM data import service into our Engage Donor CRM™, ELEVATE, our nonprofit consulting service, and a 0% GiveGab platform fee! The monthly subscription for the Advance plan is $999 per month and requires an annual subscription. Credit card fees still apply.

All fees get deducted right out of the donation, unless the donor selects the option to cover those fees for you. Allowing the donors to cover the fees is optional and completely up to your organization, though we find that about 70% of our donors choose to cover them. The GiveGab platform fee is also capped at $20 to encourage your donors to continue supporting your organization with larger donations online. Credit card fees are 2.7% + $0.30.

Learn more about which plan will work best for your nonprofit!

Volunteer Management is always free!

GiveGab’s volunteer management tools have always been and always will be free for nonprofits to use. Promote your volunteer opportunities on GiveGab so potential volunteers can connect with your cause and track their volunteer hours along the way.

Does it cost anything to use the volunteer tools?

No! GiveGab’s volunteer management tools have always been and always will be free for nonprofits to use. Promote your volunteer opportunities on GiveGab so potential volunteers can connect with your cause.

How do you keep my information secure?

GiveGab takes the highest security measures to ensure your information, and the information of your donors, is protected. We’ve partnered with Stripe as our payment processor, which is a PCI Service Provider Level 1- the most stringent level of certification possible. Further information regarding our payment process can be found here: Stripe Security Information

In addition, GiveGab forces HTTPS to ensure a secure connection wherever you are on GiveGab, whether you’re making a donation or just volunteering. We take the security of our nonprofit admins, donors, and volunteers very seriously.

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Do you need some extra help getting started?

Elevate is a fundraising consulting service that offers training, guidance and support to help you grow your nonprofit’s online fundraising efforts using the GiveGab platform. Whether you’re completely new to online fundraising or just need a helping hand, our team will make sure you’re on the path to success.