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SST Discovery Chromebooks for Classrooms!

SST Discovery is dedicated to provide our students with better access to Chromebook technology in the classrooms. We are hoping to order two carts with 30 Chromebooks each. These carts will be shared among classes to allow students the opportunity to enhance the quality instruction they are already receiving from the teacher. SST Discovery offers students a range of software programs to support our curriculum and with these Chromebooks, we will allow students more time for practice and or enrichment.

Please considering becoming an SST Parent Champion by making an automatic monthly gift to support us with this goal.

About this Campaign

SST Families Giving Together

As part of our SST family, we know you want the best for your child. The best teachers. The best technology. The best teaching material. The best education. However, because of state and federal funding for charter schools, we do not have the financial means needed. We need your help.

Even with the funding that is far below traditional public school funding, SST campuses have proven year after year to be some of the best schools in the community and in the state. Just look at the exceptional educational advancements in the first month of school. Coding is taught at all grade levels, including kinder. FUSE has been implemented at all middle schools, the first school system in Texas to do so. 

 Your gift means that SST will continue to provide your child with the best possible education. To keep their options open. To make them competitive in a rapidly changing world. To empower them to attend the most prestigious universities in the United States. To see them graduate from college and have professional opportunities that will offer them a challenging and fulfilling life and also make the world a better place. No matter how small the gift, each family can be part of making great things happen for students.


Please talk with your child’s principal if you have any questions or email us at


Your gift means we can do more. Thank you.


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