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Hi everyone--
My name is Henry Hudson Walsh and thanks to SNIPSA I am alive and well today. I was injured, wet and very scared during Hurricane Harvey until some very nice people at SNIPSA rescued me. Now, if we raise money to give to SNIPSA so they can keep helping dogs and cats in need, I might get my picture on their posters and t-shirts for a fun run in the fall. Wouldn't that be great? I hope you can help! Thank you so much.

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SNIPSA's 2019 Face of the Race!

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To the right you will find the sweet faces and extraordinary stories of this year's Face of the Race contestants. The dog that raises the most money before midnight on August 5th will become the official spokesdog of the 12th Annual Race for the Rescues. You may donate as many times and for as many dogs as you'd like. All proceeds from the contest provide medical care for rescues within SNIPSA's adoption program and spay/neuter outreach for underserved areas in San Antonio. Thank you for your support!

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