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I found Homer wandering on a hwy access road in the rain - he was thin and practically hairless due to mange. After stopping traffic, I was able to coax him to my car and in he went! Being a foster, I called up my heroes at SNIPSA and they did all the vet care: vaccinations, blood tests etc and cured his mange! And yes, this is a story of yet another "Foster Fail" but with a very happy ending!

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SNIPSA's 2019 Face of the Race!

Who will be the Face of the Race?

Meet our Face of the Race Contestants

To the right you will find the sweet faces and extraordinary stories of this year's Face of the Race contestants. The dog that raises the most money before midnight on August 5th will become the official spokesdog of the 12th Annual Race for the Rescues. You may donate as many times and for as many dogs as you'd like. All proceeds from the contest provide medical care for rescues within SNIPSA's adoption program and spay/neuter outreach for underserved areas in San Antonio. Thank you for your support!

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