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Tyson Brock

I support this organization’s mission and I want it to have a greater impact on the community! I adopted Tyson during the pandemic at 10 weeks old.  He will be two in a couple of weeks.  I am not sure if I saved him or if he saved me! He is silly, vocal, energetic & loyal.  He absolutely knows when I am upset and will lay across me & place his head on top of my face.  Bless his heart! Please consider donating to SNIPSA so they can continue to do all the great things they do for our community, and you will also be helping Tyson become the Face of the Race! Thank you!

About this Campaign

Tyson Brock

Your pet could be a SUPERSTAR!

Fame and Fortune Awaits for One Lucky Pet!

To the right you will find the sweet faces and extraordinary stories of this year's Face of the Race contestants. The pet that raises the most money before midnight on July 31st will become the official petfluencer of the 15th Annual Race for the Rescues. You may donate as many times and for as many animals as you'd like. All proceeds from the contest provide medical care for rescues within SNIPSA's adoption program and spay/neuter outreach for underserved areas in San Antonio.

Thank you for your support!

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