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Jean E

Hello! My name is Jean, I am a 4-year old Border Collie mix. I am a very shy dog but the more time you spend with me you will soon realize that I am quite goofy. My favorite things in this world include food, watching tv, going on morning walks, and food — wait I already said food, oops! I really like squeaky toys, they make me very happy. I also like treats, especially the ones from Mike's Dog Store. My hobbies include crossing my legs and staring at people with a look of disappointment.

If you donate to my page then you will be helping SNIPSA be able to provide both dogs and cats with the things they love. Your donations will also help SNIPSA find forever homes for many dogs and cats. 

All donations are greatly appreciated! 

- Jean 

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SNIPSA 2021 Face of the Race

Who will be the Face of the Race?

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To the right you will find the sweet faces and extraordinary stories of this year's Face of the Race contestants. The dog that raises the most money before 12:01am on August 16th will become the official spokesdog of the 14th Annual Race for the Rescues. You may donate as many times and for as many dogs as you'd like. All proceeds from the contest provide medical care for rescues within SNIPSA's adoption program and spay/neuter outreach for underserved areas in San Antonio. Thank you for your support!

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