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Ashley Telman

Not long after moving to Chicago, I began training volunteer ESL tutors through Literacy Works, so they could work with adults in Chicago. These programs allowed us to help transform people's lives through access to language and literacy instruction. Now, our work has expanded to support organizations in editing and revising their work so that information is clear and accessible for more people. Years later, I have the honor to sit on the board and ensure that our important work continues - a task that's especially important right now, as resources are squeezed and the need to access information is so high. Please join me in contributing to Literacy Works, even a small amount makes a big difference.

About this Event

Celebrate 25: Week of Giving

Honoring 25 years of changing lives through literacy

We will be honoring our landmark anniversary with a Literacy Works Week of Giving. During this week we look forward to honoring our 25 years of service, recognizing the inspirational educators and learners in our community, and interacting with our valuable donors (that's you!)

Your generous support at our events provides significant funding that allows Literacy Works to keep working toward our vision that one day all people will be able to read, write, and interpret the world. We value your support and look forward to interacting with you on our campaign page during our Week of Giving.

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About the Organization

Literacy Works is recognized in Chicago and beyond as a leading expert in adult literacy. Literacy Works’ mission is to advance equity by promoting literacy education and the use of clear language. We train volunteer literacy tutors in Chicago, build the capacity of adult literacy professionals through continued learning opportunities, and improve access to critical information by implementing clear language practices. Our vision is that one day, all people will realize their full potential through the ability to read, write, and interpret the world.