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I currently sit on the board of directors for the California School Age Consortium in San Francisco; we have a mission of building a future where every child in California regardless of income, race or zip code, has access to high quality affordable out-of-school time programs such as Camp, and Extended Learning Programs. My goal is to support California's children by raising essential funds, and spreading awareness about the great work CalSAC does daily to sustain the out-of-school time field. Participation in quality out-of-school time programs help to increase student engagement, and school connectedness; it has the ability to decrease self-esteem issues, and negative behavior, while simultaneously helping to improve relationships with peers and adults. As a graduate of CalSAC’s LDI Program, I can authentically tell you that LDI has lit a fire in my heart that motivates me to be a powerful leader of color. With the help of LDI, I’m inspired and stimulated, to better myself and my community. , join me in my efforts by donating today. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! WILL YOU BE A CHANGE MAKER?

About this Campaign

CalSAC's Gratitude Campaign

Celebrating the out-of-school time professionals who empower our youth

Today, we celebrate the out-of-school time professional - those individuals who are working in programs such as before school, afterschool and summer learning.

We see you.

You – laser focused on getting your paperwork done so you’re ready for high fives when the kids arrive tomorrow.

You – cutting out 400 paper triangles for tomorrow’s STEM activity.

You – reflecting on what a young person told you about themselves and considering how you can lift them up.

Each time you show up for young people, it matters.  

It matters for the future of each young person, for the future of our communities and for the
movement we’re building together.

At CalSAC, we’re honored to walk with out-of-school time professionals on this journey.  CalSAC’s greatest power and impact happens when out-of-school time professionals find their voice, unlock their talents and advocate for their programs and the young people in them. 

We’ve set the goal to raise $40,000 by December 14 to advance CalSAC’s commitment towards building an informed, engaged and empowered out-of-school time workforce, and a more equitable future for California’s children and families.

Will you give gratitude to out-of-school time professionals by making a donation to ensure they get the resources, development and support they need?

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About the Organization

CalSAC (California School-Age Consortium)

CalSAC believes that every young person should have access to high-quality, affordable out-of-school time options like before school, afterschool, and summer enrichment programs. Every year, CalSAC trains and empowers thousands of adults who work in California’s out-of-school time programs to strengthen their skills, deepen their impact, and advocate for policies that benefit children and families.

In turn, these individuals shape the lives of tens of thousands of young people, helping them unlock their full potential. Through collaboration and innovation, our network creates ripple effects of opportunity, equity and transformation throughout California, both for professionals and the young people they serve.