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Halldora Proppe

When I was in Courmayeur in Italy in September 2021, waiting to start the TOR DES GEANT 330.  I saw Stefanie Case who was participating in the TOR DES GLACIER 450. It was there I learned about her story and her non-profit organization Free to Run.  

I finished my TOR330 in 145 hours and 55 minutes. And of course I went to the award ceremony and there I saw Stefanie again on the podium and she really inspired me <3 

Last week I saw the film FREE TO RUN. I was deeply moved and felt that I was obliged to raise fund for the Free to Run organization. Being raised and living in Iceland I have had the freedom and privilege to run and race all over the world, while women in for example in Afghanistan are not so lucky.

Here is a link to the film

I signed up to be an AMBASSADOR, and was so proud to get an immediate positive response and I am the first Ambassador for Free to Run in Iceland. 

I just ran the Laugavegur Ultra Marathon 55 km in Iceland, and I am registered for the UTMB 100 mileage at the end of August and also for the Berlin Marathon in September. 

I encourage YOU to donate and support this wonderful cause. 

My goal is to raise at least 1000$ for the Free to Run organization before the end of 2022.

Best regards and thanks in advance. 
Halldora Proppe 

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Halldora Proppe

Official Fundraising Page for the 2022 Ambassadors Campaign

This is the official campaign for Free to Run's 2022 Ambassadors.

Free to Run’s mission is to enable women and girls to safely and boldly engage in outdoor activity in conflict-affected regions like Iraq and Afghanistan. Through a combination of sports programs, life skills development, and community outreach, Free to Run helps females to reclaim public space and change views about the roles they can (and should) play in a society. 

Free to Run Ambassadors believe strongly in Free to Run's mission. Through their own campaign pages, ambassadors are raising funds to support Free to Run's award-winning programs for young women and girls. Programs are designed to develop women into community leaders who can bring people together across cultural, ethnic and religious lines.

Ambassadors come from all around the world to support Free to Run. They are running, racing, and pushing their own limits in solidarity with the young Afghan women who have been told by their government that they can not participate in sports.

Through Ambassador support and fundraising, Free to Run will work to provide sporting and leadership opportunities to our participants so they can be armed with the tools they need to succeed. Free to Run believes young women can and will be a force for positive change.

Please donate to one of our many amazing ambassadors who are living proof that sport can empower anyone to succeed!

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