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Our marathon of reading encourages us all to take a stand for literacy, learning, and free and equal access to the world’s information. At TCPL, nearly a million items are circulated each year—a remarkably high level for a community of our size—and 100% of the funding for annual purchases comes from private support like yours. I believe in the Tompkins County Public Library and I'm inviting you to stand with me.

About this Campaign


a 48-reader-24-hour out loud reading challenge to raise funds and awareness for the Tompkins County Public Library

WHAT: The READATHON is our challenge to read out loud - one reader at a time, 30 minutes each, for 24 hours straight - to raise funds for our public library. After last year's blowout success, this year our goal is to raise $10,000 with your help. Take a stand (or a comfy seat!) and help raise money and awareness. 

WHEN & WHERE: Friday, September 23 @ noon through Saturday, September 24 @ noon, on the corner at 101 East Green Street, right in front of the public library

WHY: When you support a Reader Champion with your donation, our public library is able to do vital things like add PICTURE BOOKS to our YOUTH collections and make much needed additions to our EARLY LITERACY efforts. And our TEENS need some love too! Help us provide focused, expert-led programs on STEM LEARNING, best use of DIGITAL TOOLS, and YA BOOK CLUBS to name just a few. We can't forget our ARTS & CULTURAL offerings - all brought to you exclusively through donations such as yours.

Every dollar raised helps TCPL! Please donate TODAY! Thank you!

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About the Organization

Tompkins County Public Library Foundation

The Tompkins County Public Library is a community anchor building literacy, cultural awareness, community connections, and personal growth. We proudly offer FREE and EQUAL access to information, education, and enriching experiences for community members at every age and every stage of life.