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Volunteer Pledge

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: Protect PT

Sign up to volunteer a few hours of your time to help with opportunities like canvassing, environmental research, phone...

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Create Safe Social Events & Gatherings

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: Single Parent Advocate

Reach out and empower single families during key events in DFW. Event planning, coordination, and operations


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Volunteer for Social Ministry

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: Saint Augustine (Richmond)

St. Augustine has many opportunities to help in volunteering with the Social ministry programs that we offer. Your time...

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Volunteer with Healing with Horses!

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: Healing with Horses Ranch

Help an at-risk teen find confidence, exercise, spend time outside, and commune with horses all in one afternoon - the...

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Food Pantry and Donation Sorting

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: Our Lady of the Poor Conference of St. Vincent de Paul (Idaho Falls)

We are in need of volunteers to help sorting and displaying donated times. Check with store manager and ask how you can...

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Compeer Advisory Committee

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: Compeer/Family Services of Chemung County, Inc.

Compeer Advisory Committee members work with the committee, other advisers, and paid staff to advance the mission of...

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December 12th Pledge Drive

Volunteer Opportunity

06:00 AM December 12, 2019 Cincinnati, Ohio

Hosted by: Sacred Heart Radio

We are looking for volunteers to answer phones and record pledges. If you are available anytime from 6AM to 6PM on...

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Legacy Ball Fundraiser

Volunteer Opportunity

10:00 AM April 4, 2020 Laguna Beach, CA

Hosted by: Laguna Beach Seniors, Inc.

Legacy Ball is our annual fundraiser attracting over 200 major donors and supporters. Scheduled to take place on April 4,...

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Wednesday Food Pantry

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: Holy Spirit Conference of St. Vincent de Paul (Pocatello)

If you enjoy helping people, consider volunteering at our weekly food pantry every Wednesday from 10am to 1pm in...

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Book Sale

Volunteer Opportunity

08:00 AM - 12:00 PM March 25 - March 29, 2020 Arlington, Texas

Hosted by: Friends & Foundation of the Arlington Public Library

We're looking for good-hearted folks to help prepare and implement our Book Sale, which raises funds to benefit the...