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Masuk Robotics work sessions

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: Masuk High School Robotics Team

Masuk Robotics has 2 night work sessions every week
Mondays from 5:30 to 7:30
Thursdays from 5:30 to 7:30

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Support for Amputees

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: Give A Limb

People are much more likely to remember and assimilate information that they get on their own.

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Helping Teens in their Learning

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: Beacon Self-Directed Learning

Beacon seeks motivated adults who would enjoy sharing what they know with teens, either one-on-one or in a small group...

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Women's Home Volunteer

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: HandUP Foundation

OVERNIGHT COVERAGE 10pm-7am-sleep over and be available if women needs anything
SERVE AS a LIFE COACH-6 month...

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Power Hour

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio

Power Hour is a structured hour of homework assistance. Volunteers serve as role models, providing guidance not only with...

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Join our Board of Directors!

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: Williamsport Community Concert Association

The Williamsport Community Concert Association has opportunities available to join our Board of Directors. We are a...

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Life long mentoring

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: Alabuga International School

Alabuga International School welcomes volunteers to Russian remote town Yelabuga. As the only international school nearby...

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Volunteer Tutors Needed During the School Day!

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: Communities in Schools of NOVA (CIS NOVA)

Join CIS NOVA and become a caring adult in the life of a child struggling to achieve in school. Volunteer tutors needed...

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Elementary Club Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunity

04:00 PM - 06:00 PM February 1 - May 22, 2019 Abilene, Texas

Hosted by: House of Faith Abilene

Our elementary bible clubs meet in different locations throughout Abilene on Monday and Tuesday afternoons from...

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Volunteers Needed

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: West Jupiter Community Group, Inc.

What volunteer roles are available? Tutors in the afterschool program, special enrichment projects or presentations,...