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Blueberry Gleaning with the Mississippi Gleaning Network!

Volunteer Opportunity

12:00 AM - 12:00 AM May 21 - June 30, 2019 Jackson, Mississippi

Hosted by: Society of St. Andrew

The Mississippi Gleaning Network will be gleaning blueberries in Covington County. We need volunteers groups of all sizes!...

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Love Horses and Helping Special Needs Community?? WE NEED YOU!

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: Banbury Cross Therapeutic Equestrian Center

We are looking for weekly volunteers to assist in our group therapeutic horseback riding classes. This includes being a...

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KidsFest: Carnaval de Ninos

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: HUG ME Ink

Helping to Unite by Generating Mental Empowerment (HUG ME) Ink will be hosting it's 3rd Annual KidsFest 2019: Carnaval de...

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ITRS Special Olympic Basketball Torunament

Volunteer Opportunity

08:00 AM February 17, 2019 Skokie, Illinois

Hosted by: Maine-Niles Association of Special Recreation

M-NASR is hosting a basketball team for local Special Olympic Teams. 15 teams will compete and we are looking for some...

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Volunteer Opportunities

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: BluePath Service Dogs

Thank you for your interest in joining our volunteer team! BluePath volunteers have the chance to make a lasting impact in...

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Small Group "Pack With A Friend" Day

Volunteer Opportunity

10:00 AM February 23, 2019 Louisville, Kentucky

Hosted by: Love the Hungry, Inc.

Individuals and small groups are invited to join a packaging line and help produce 10,000 fortified Nutri-Plenty®...

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Thrift Shop Floor Assistant

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: Ladies of Charity-Lake Travis Thrift Shop

We ask for a 3-hour shift a week, if possible. We need sorters, pricers, floor assistants, cashiers, and friendly smiles....

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Mentoring Young Social Entrepreneurs

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: Girls S.T.E.A.M. Institute

Volunteer your time to help us spread the word about our program and identify young girls from 12-17 who are interested in...

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2019 Oxford Film festival

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: Oxford Film Festival

Current open positions for volunteers as of December 27 Please grab your hours at...

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Volunteer/Foster with Heavenly Paws Animal Shelter, Inc.!

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: Heavenly Paws Animal Shelter, Inc.

We're always looking for more volunteers who love cats and who would like to volunteer their time with us. Fostering is...