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Or take action and join the site, invite your friends, invite nonprofits, or create a nonprofit, and become a game changer in your local volunteering community!

In the meantime, here are some virtual opportunities that anyone can join!

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Love web design? Amazing at graphic design? Help out an education non-profit!

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: Learn To Be Foundation

The Learn To Be Foundation is a 501c.3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing free, one-on-one online tutoring to...

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Tulip Advocate

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: Shanghai Tulip Mental Health Center

We are seeking individuals to help promote our new organization. We are looking for people to advocate on behalf of...

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Become a JLY Volunteer

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Hosted by: Just Like You

This is a unique opportunity to become an online pen-pal to others on the site who are going through the coming out...