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After School Program Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunity

04:00 PM - 06:30 PM January 8 - June 7, 2018 Lansing, Michigan

Hosted by: Eastside Community Action Center

Volunteers participate in running ECAC's After School Action Program (ASAP). Tasks include tutoring, leading classroom...

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(2018) Bountiful Harvest Fundraiser

Volunteer Opportunity

05:00 PM September 15, 2018 Otisville, New York

Hosted by: Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County Education Center & 4-H Park

It is a FUN, FESTIVE, FALL fundraiser. This evening event includes a celebrity cow milking contest, hay wagon rides,...

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JJ's Legacy Annual Gala

Volunteer Opportunity

06:00 PM March 3, 2018 Bakersfield, California

Hosted by: JJ's Legacy

The JJ’s Legacy Gala honors transplant recipients, deceased donors and their families, living donors, those waiting for...

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JJ's Legacy Golf Tournament

Volunteer Opportunity

08:00 AM March 5, 2018 Bakersfield, California

Hosted by: JJ's Legacy

The JJ’s Legacy Golf Tournament raises awareness of transplant recipients, deceased donors and their families, living...

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Christian Youth Film Festival Crew

Volunteer Opportunity

10:00 AM - 01:00 PM January 8 - March 21, 2018 Bakersfield, California

Hosted by: Christian Youth Film Society, Inc.

Help with the awesome, 24th annual, star-studded, extravagant, glamorous, gala, Festival! Help make it even more awesome...

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Fresh Food Drive- Oxford Community Farmers Market

Volunteer Opportunity

03:00 PM - 06:30 PM April 17 - November 27, 2018 Oxford, Mississippi

Hosted by: Society of St. Andrew

We need volunteers to help with the "Fresh Food Drive" at the Oxford Farmers Market.

Volunteers would attend the...

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Idaho Falls Earth Day

Volunteer Opportunity

12:00 PM - 09:00 AM November 8 - April 28, 2018 Idaho Falls, Idaho

Hosted by: Eastern Idaho Environmental Education Association

Idaho Falls Earth Day is held on the fourth Saturday of April annually. EIEEA is the nonprofit that supports this "Party...

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Help "Raise the Rent"

Volunteer Opportunity

12:00 AM - 12:00 AM August 2 - March 3, 2018 Louisville, Kentucky

Hosted by: St. John Center for Homeless Men

Help us Raise the Rent on March 3, 2017 to place our homeless clients into homes of their very own. We are always looking...

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Supporting a celebration of Young Changemakers and Leaders

Volunteer Opportunity

08:00 AM April 17, 2018 Louisville, Kentucky

Hosted by: WE Day Kentucky

Please join us on April 17, 2018, at the Kentucky Center for the Arts to help support this day of celebration! Volunteers...

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Outrunning Autism 5K and Fun Run

Volunteer Opportunity

06:00 AM May 19, 2018 Louisville, Kentucky

Hosted by: Families for Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT) of Louisville

With over 1300 participants, Outrunning Autism 5K is a celebration of family and community as we share the desire to...