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Build Inclusion, Inc

Nonprofit • Lexington, Kentucky

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Buffalo Zoo

Nonprofit • Buffalo, New York

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Habitat for Humanity of Shelby County

Nonprofit • Shelbyville, Kentucky

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Port City Makerspace

Nonprofit • Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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Shakespeare in Delaware Park, Inc.

Nonprofit • Buffalo, New York

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Organic Association of Kentucky (OAK)

Nonprofit • Lexington, Kentucky

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Broadview Community Center

Nonprofit • Broadview, Montana

Built in 1988 by private and public donations as well as many hours of volunteer manpower, the Broadview Community Center...

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Benton Family Farm

Nonprofit • Walton, Kentucky

We are a fourth generation family farm with our mission of agricultural education. We introduce children to animals with...

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Tucker Football League

Nonprofit • Tucker, Georgia

The Tucker Football League (TFL) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Georgia corporation with the official name of Tucker Midget...