Young Parents Education Center

Young Parents Education Center

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The mission of Young Parents Education Center (YPEC) is to empower teenage and young adult pregnant and parenting students to pursue educational opportunities that lead to independence and self-sufficiency; and to promote positive parenting enabling their babies to develop to their fullest potential.

Through easy-to-access, sustained daily activities, YPEC’s strategic approach is: to assist pregnant and parenting teenagers and young adults continue their secondary education and develop vocational plans thus preventing a life of poverty; to offer parenting and child development education to build self-esteem and to prevent abuse and neglect; and to provide nurturing, developmental care for their infants and toddlers promoting maximum growth during their crucial early years.

Serving Great Falls area high schools since 1969, YPEC has three components to meet the varying needs of pregnant and parenting students and their children: Family Support, Parenting Education and Quality Childcare. We are unique there are no other programs in the state like ours. There are some that are community agencies, and some that are affiliated with county health departments and head start, but ours is the only school based and community agency in Montana.


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