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Worldwide Community First Responder, Inc.

Worldwide Community First Responder, Inc.

About Us


Worldwide Community First Responder, Inc. was founded in September 2011. After a successful outcome of training first responders in the town of Grand Goave, Jacqueline Cassagnol gathered the healthcare professionals, whom she met on a mission to Haiti, to continue offering these services worldwide.


“to prevent deaths worldwide through education and training”


Worldwide Community First Responder (WCFR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit/charitable organization with a mission “to prevent deaths worldwide through education and training”. WCFR offers two main services: WCFR Health Education and WCFR Training Program. The WCFR Health Education focuses on educating community members worldwide of fatal health conditions and preventative measures. The WCFR Training Program is dedicated to providing worldwide community-based first response and first aid training. WCFR provides its services worldwide to all communities regardless of gender, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, ability, economic and social class. WCFR members are a diverse group of volunteers who provide their services free of charge. Through their efforts, WCFR members seek to empower individuals in their own communities and save lives.


“Teaching people, saving lives


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Health and Wellness
Emergency Response
Disaster Relief

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Jacqueline Cassagnol