1200 Tutors in 12 Weeks

Hosted by: Wisconsin Literacy, Inc.


September 8 - November 30, 2015


Past Opportunity


Michele Erikson

This is a past opportunity


About 1200 Tutors in 12 Weeks


Wisconsin Literacy Supports Volunteer Literacy Tutors

Every fall, we and our member agencies have a special 1200 Tutors in 12 Weeks Campaign to recruit and train new volunteer tutors. This special campaign draws attention to the need for volunteer tutors in order to reduce waiting lists of learners at our member agencies. In 2014, 743 new tutors were recruited and trained in only three months.

Our 12th Annual 1200 Tutors in 12 Weeks campaign begins on September 8, 2015. Please contact the literacy agency near you for training session dates and information.

A list of agencies is at:

Application Process

Apply at your local adult literacy agency.

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