Windham County Safe Place Child Advocacy Center & SUSI

Windham County Safe Place Child Advocacy Center & SUSI

About Us

The mission of Windham County Safe Place Child Advocacy Center/Southeastern Unit for Special Investigations is to facilitate an integrated, multidisciplinary response to victims of child physical and sexual abuse and victims of adult sexual assault that reduces trauma, promotes prevention and advocacy, and supports healing for all in our community affected by these offenses. In support of this mission, we provide a safe environment for individuals who may have been abused to come to talk with professionals.

Our goals are to:

· Investigate criminal allegations of child and adult sexual assault and severe child physical abuse using specially trained investigators.

· Minimize further trauma to victims by providing a safe place to talk with investigators.

· Refer children and adult victims and non-offending family members to services designed to help them heal.

· Create public awareness of the challenges of child abuse through outreach and education.


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