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Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc.

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc.

About Us

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation's (WRR) Mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release native wildlife and to provide sanctuary, individualized care, and a voice for other animals in need. WRR rescues and cares for all wildlife, including native and nonnative species. We believe that all animals — rare or common, regardless of species — are deserving of our care, attention, and respect.

WRR rescues orphaned, injured, and displaced wildlife and returns the majority to the wild. We also provide permanent care in large natural enclosures to farmed and unreleasable wildlife. Among the latter are native and nonnative wild animals who were victimized by the pet trade, held in roadside zoos or used in research. These include black bears, primates, mountain lions, other mammals, and numerous species of birds and reptiles.

We have received more than 200,000 native wild animals since our inception in 1977. Annually, we rescue over 9, 200 animals brought to us for rehabilitation and respond to 11,000 phone inquiries and requests for help. Around 300 wild animals are permanent residents because they are unreleasable due either to permanent injuries or the fact that they are nonnative species with no place to go. In addition, over 300 farmed animals have found refuge at the WRR Sanctuary (212 acres) in Kendalia, TX.

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