Help Others Help Themselves

Giving a Little will Help ALOT


By making a donation to WHEAT, you will be helping someone begin to help themselves within our community. Think of it as a down payment on their future.

Help us continue our mission to educate, advocate, motivate and empower individuals in the fight against hunger and poverty by   donating today!

Each Year WHEAT:
• Sponsors high school teens living in at-risk situations in its Youth Leadership Program (Seasons of Service) to support educational and financial awareness;
• Trains and Graduates Individuals in its Management Training and Mentoring Program leading to employment and living wage jobs;
• Staffs SNAP Outreach partnerships at locations around the state of Arizona, providing enrollment in nutrition programs to eligible individuals;
• Continues to encourage self-sustenance for artisans and their families living in poverty around the globe, including Arizona, through WHEAT’s Fair Trade initiative providing necessary income for families to feed, clothe and educate themselves through the sale of their handicrafts;
• Provides professional business wear, free of charge, for men and women entering or re-entering the workforce through The Clothes Silo and WorkWear for Men;
• Presents lectures, trainings and workshops on ending poverty and hunger through education and action;

…and much more.

Your donation, whatever amount, will help us to continue to help others become self-sustaining, participating members of our community.

Thanks for giving a gift that will ultimately give twice!

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About the Organization

WHEAT - World Hunger Education, Advocacy & Training

The Mission of WHEAT is to educate, advocate, motivate and empower individuals to action in the fight against poverty and hunger.

The World Hunger Ecumenical Arizona Task-Force (WHEAT) was formed in 1979 to address the root causes of hunger, providing tools and resources to make a difference in the lives of others living in poverty, encouraging people to think globally, but act locally.

WHEAT is committed to increasing the understanding, sensitivity and opportunity for change in the fight against hunger amongst all peoples. WHEAT’s ultimate goal is the ability of the individual to become self-sustaining.

Our primary goals are to:
◾provide the tools and resources on the why’s and where-fors of hunger and poverty;
◾empower individuals to become self-sustaining;
◾advocate on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves, striving for policy changes that solve the root causes of poverty and hunger;
◾motivate individuals to action by becoming involved in local anti-hunger activities, working with and for the poor and the hungry.

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