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About Us

WetheP is a community that offers an online Commons platform and forum for member ‘Citizens’ to engage. This is achieved in three ways: Talking, Taking Action and Telling.

1. Catalyze the passions of many different people by connecting them in networked-conversations and efforts.
2. Empower collective voices through process-focused groups further strengthened with proven culture-change methods and accessible new technology.
3. Amplify successful efforts and sustained progress to inspire even more civic transformation.

We’re built on a belief in the inherent strength of truly democratic processes.

As Conscious Capitalists we commit that all who interface with WetheP are valued, create value and receive value from our shared relationships and interactions.

We think it’s high time me, I, they and them cede to our shared common wealth. We wouldn’t be at all surprised if you agree. WetheP’s commonwealth-style conscious capitalism is meant to intentionally connect all who come here.

All are 'Stakeholders,' oriented around a sense of shared Purpose in interdependent and holistic relationships, with each enhancing and empowering many others.

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Or, feel free to contact Andrea, our CEO at:

Wethep would be delighted to get to know what you have to offer!


We Care About

Community Advocacy
Social Justice

Contact Information

Andrea Morisette Grazzini