2017 Walk to Remember

Join with others who share a similar experience with the loss of a baby and help make the Walk to Remember a Celebration of LIFE!

Registration is Closed

A fundraising event for Western New York Perinatal Bereavement Network, Inc.

Event Information

11:00am Sunday, October 08, 2017

Walk Registration is now closed....
but please come to the Walk on October 8th
to register the day of!

Throughout the nation, parents, family members, friends and healthcare professionals gather to pay tribute to the approximately 870,000 babies who die each year due to miscarriage, ectopic (tubal) pregnancy, stillbirth or early infant death.  For the parents who have experienced perinatal loss, this event is an opportunity to listen to beautiful songs and poems, plant a tree, and come together with other parents to remember their beloved children.

There will be printed signs with baby names along the Walk route.  If you have your sign from past years and wish to use it again, please bring it before 11:15 AM, so our volunteers have time to place it along the path.  Please do not place your signs on your own. The baby signs are truly one of the most beautiful and endearing parts of the Walk.  If you are new to this event, you will likely want to order a sign - you may do so as you register.

As we walk reverently in memory of these special babies, you may want to stop and take a picture or personalize your sign.  Flowers will be distributed for you to place with each baby’s sign.

Like other memorial walks, the Walk to Remember promotes awareness about the pain of infant loss and the effect it has on families, as well as raises money to help support those afflicted by a tragic loss.  We ask that those participating in the Walk obtain donations to help support the Western New York Perinatal Bereavement Network, Inc. (WNYPBN) by creating a safe and secure fundraising page. 

For more information on the programs supported by the WNYPBN, please visit our website.

Registration will close on September 24th to ensure time to print names in the Walk Program and to order T-shirts.  Registration donation is $20 per person and includes:

  • 25th Anniversary Walk to Remember T-shirt
  • Picnic lunch sponsored by Frontier Catering and Sahlen's
  • One balloon per baby to release during the ceremony
  • Personalized Star for release with your balloon
  • Walker Gifts sponsored by the Village Veterinary Clinic of Hamburg

Children 10 years of age and under are not required to pay a registration fee.  If they wish to have a T-shirt, the $20 registration fee is required, no matter the age.

If you have your own T-shirts made to honor your beloved baby gone too soon or do not wish to have a T-shirt, the registration fee will be $15 per person and does not include the Walk to Remember T-shirt.

Registration will be available on the Day of the Walk for $25.  Balloons for the release and T-Shirts will be available while supplies last.

Event Check-In and Day-of Registration

will begin at 11:00 AM

Program begins at 12:00 Noon

Summary of the Program:

The Walk ceremony will begin with a Balloon Release in memory of our beautiful babies gone too soon.  All pre-registered families will receive one balloon per baby to be released at the service.  Please do not bring and release personal balloons.  We will then light candles, listen to music and poetry, plant a Bradford Pear tree, and release butterflies to begin the memorial Walk.  You may sponsor (Remembrance Tribute) the tree planting, butterfly release or the flowers as you register for the Walk.  The Walk route is approximately one mile in length, along walkways and sidewalks (wheelchair accessible).

At the conclusion of the Walk, there will be a complimentary picnic lunch provided by Frontier Catering and Sahlen's.. 

A “Kids Zone” with supervised care, games and crafts will be provided to allow adult family members to reflect on the day.

The Walk will commence RAIN or SHINE!

After you register, please consider creating a memorial page in honor of your baby gone too soon.  You can tell your story of loss, share photographs and collect pledges to support the important programs of the WNYPBN.  In addition, please feel free to collect monetary pledges to bring with you on the day of the Walk.  

  • $500 in pledges - A star will be named in honor of your baby(ies).
  • $1000 in pledges - Wings of Love engraved paver at the Wings of Love Memorial Garden

Invite your family and friends to register and collect pledges for your team, then join you to truly make the Walk to Remember a celebration of LIFE!


Butterfly Sponsors:


Footprint Sponsors:

     Ryan's Reason



Star Sponsors:





Supporting Sponsors:

        Pietszak Funeral Home, Elaine's Flower Shoppe

Frontier Catering


The Kids Zone is supported by:

    Leaping Beauty, Bouncing on Air and Ryan's Reason

If you have questions or registration concerns,

please feel free to contact the WNYPBN Office for assistance:  716-626-6363

The Walk is 2 days away!!

October 6, 2017

12 Hours left of collecting pledges!!

Share your story!  Shatter the silence! 

Help us make a difference for those

who are experiencing their loss now and for all the tomorrows hereafter.

The Walk is 2 days away!!

October 6, 2017

12 Hours left of collecting pledges!!

Share your story!  Shatter the silence! 

Help us make a difference for those

who are experiencing their loss now and for all the tomorrows hereafter.

15 Days!

September 23, 2017

Only 15 more days until the

Walk to Remember!

The Walk is a beautiful event, and so meaningful. Our babies will be there in spirit, comforting us and letting us remember them in the safety of others who have suffered similarly. 

It will be a beautiful day, no matter what... but it looks like the weather is going to cooperate!  Let's hope!!

When you registered, you chose whether or not to get a t-shirt.  If members of your Walking team want a t-shirt, but did not register, they will have an opportunity to purchase them at the Walk.  However, only limited sizes will be available, and we will not be ordering more.

Your registration donation also covered your picnic lunch.  You will get one lunch ticket per registered person with your team.

Each registered family will be given a balloon (environmentally safe, including the biodegradable string) to release during the event, as well as other surprise perks that we have come up with to commemorate your babies.  NO OUTSIDE BALLOONS, please.

If you know of families who plan on attending but who have not registered as yet, please encourage them to do so. We have extended Pre-Registration for a few hours, and will close at 10 AM on September 25th

See you there!!

The Walk to Remember Committee

42 days until the Walk

August 25, 2017

Hello friends!

There are only 42 short days left before the 25th Annual Walk to Remember!  It truly is a beautiful and meaningful event and I hope you all are looking forward to coming together with others who have shared a similar experience.  We all need each other... and to know we are not alone.

Please pass on the information to friends and family that they can each register for the Walk on our website.  
Thank you!

See you in October!

Walk to Remember 2017

August 14, 2017

The Walk is not even 2 months away!  

That may seem like a long time to you... but it will be here in a blink!  

Please keep reminding friends and family to donate!  Help spread awareness about this continuously taboo subject! 

See you at the Walk!


The Walk isn't too far away!

July 19, 2017

Hi everyone!

Thank you for donating to the 2017 Walk to Remember - we are getting closer and closer to the event!!  

Thank you for getting your donations together!  Please continue to encourage your friends and family to donate to your pledge pages by sharing the link in emails and on social media!  You may still bring donations with you the day of the Walk, on October 8th!

Thank you for helping families and honoring the lives of our babies! 

Registration is Closed

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About the Organization

Western New York Perinatal Bereavement Network, Inc.

To assist the community to meet the needs of people facing perinatal death: the death of a baby due to miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth or early infant death. We promote standards of bereavement intervention through educational support, community programs, and referral services to bereaved parents.

The Western New York Perinatal Bereavement Network (WNYPBN) took the leap and became its own not-for-profit, charitable organization in 2011. Even though we have been in existence for over 30 years, it was not until the past few years that we have truly started to grow, assisting more and more families to endure the tragedy of losing a baby…

One of the ways we have helped families is through the “Wings of Love” Memorial Fund. Since Wings of Love’s inception in 2007, this program has granted nearly $200,000 to families to assist with burial and internment costs for their baby gone too soon. We have also been able to create Wings of Love Memorial Gardens throughout Western New York, for families who do not have a burial plot to visit. These Gardens are a beautiful place...

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