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West Scranton Hyde Park Neighborhood Watch

West Scranton Hyde Park Neighborhood Watch

About Us

Mission Statement:
The mission of the West Scranton Hyde Park Neighborhood Watch is to assist the Scranton Police Department by reporting criminal and suspicious activities. Provide our citizens a conduit of communication to voice their concerns to local officials.
In order to accomplish our mission of a neighborly and crime free neighborhood, we will:
--Promote citizen involvement by increasing awareness.
--Be responsive to the needs of our residents in a polite, neighborly and timely manner.
--Be the “eyes and ears” of law enforcement, reporting criminal and suspicious activity
--Increase crime watch presence and awareness by making random patrols.
--Participate in various activities sponsored by the Scranton Police Department.
--Be proactive in crime prevention versus reacting to crimes.
--Support other Scranton neighborhood watch organizations.


We Care About

Community Advocacy

Contact Information

Rich Johnson
570 878 7368