Waypoint Crisis Care Fund

Because you can't quarantine compassion...

Waypoint's Crisis Care Fund is designed to respond to the urgent and vital needs of Granite Staters who are in dire straits as a result of COVID-19. 

The funds enable us to adapt our services to continue as a human lifeline, protecting those at risk, and helps cover the costs of survival aid and basic needs relief. 

Your donation to this fund will directly impact

• Frail seniors and adults with disabilities who are living alone.
• Youth experiencing homelessness.
• Children in volatile homes.

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About the Organization

Waypoint (formerly Child and Family Services of NH)

We are the agency you’ve known as Child and Family Services of NH. Rest assured, however, that we’re still the same great organization—still New Hampshire-based, still nonprofit, still helping people-- but with a new name.

In 2018, we rebranded to better reflect who we are today, an independent agency that provides a lifeline across the lifespan. We made the decision to rebrand after many years of consideration and research, talking and listening to you, and after careful planning and collaboration.

Through our 14 office sites across the state, and over 28 programs, our staff travels over 1.3 million miles to serve an average of 9,000 people a year. We are powered by a wide array of funding, including state, federal, and local contracts, United Way, special events, insurance /service fees, and foundation grants, and private philanthropy. WE COULDN’T DO THIS WORK WITHOUT YOU.

While we’ve changed our name and our look, here is our promise to you: As you go along the journey of your life, whatever challenges you face, at whatever stage, we’ll be there for you, providing HELP...

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