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Volunteer for Waggytail Rescue

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About Volunteer for Waggytail Rescue

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Waggytail Rescue is entirely run by dedicated volunteers. We’re always looking for MORE VOLUNTEERS to help us in one way or another! Here is a list of some ways you can help Waggytail rescue.

New ideas are always welcome as we are always looking, please pass them along to us!
Email us at:

Transportation to and from the pound, vet, between foster homes or to their forever homes. Fill out a Transporter Application

Other Ways to Help !
--Help us distribute and post flyers. Post a flyer in your local pet supply store, at your vet, at your groomer, or just pass them out to people on the street.
--Public Relations via shows, events, placing ads, public education and other rescues.
--Help us liaison with shelters, other rescues, vets, pounds etc., to coordinate Rescue efforts.
--Share your creativity, like skills at soundproofing, crocheting, sewing, knitting to help make blankets or beds, etc. Perhaps you could make something to sell on Ebay or in exchange for donations at dog shows and other events under Waggytail.
--Hold your own Garage/Yard sale with proceeds going to Waggytail Rescue.
--Help us spread the word! Tell your friends, family, and co-workers about Waggytail Rescue and all the wonderful dogs in need a new homes.
--OTHER – could mean anything – anyway – anyhow!!!!

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