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What better way can you make yourself stand out in your chosen field than to participate in an international internship experience? Volunteer opportunity Africa offer undergraduate (second semester freshman, sophomore, junior or senior) and graduate school students throughout the world and provide an opportunity to explore the many career opportunities within. Interns will be assigned to the field and our on-the-ground teams in three capital cities excel at finding you to an internship that matches your unique skills and objectives. We offer international internships in many different fields, including medical, journalism, business, human rights, social and community based

If you’re serious about building your resume and really want to stand out in job interviews, interning abroad may be exactly what you’re looking for. Interning abroad takes studying abroad to another level. Not only are you living and studying in another country, but you are working there as well, which allows you to make multinational connections and have a truly organic experience. As an international internee, you will have the opportunity to learn how to communicate across cultural barriers and experience globalization first hand all things you can showcase on your resume. it can help make that dream happen. Whether you’re looking to truly immerse yourself in a culture or looking to simply, gain a more global perspective, an international internship can be a great choice.

Set yourself apart from the competition with an internship abroad that allows you to:

Build your portfolio and strengthen your credentials
Be a blessing to many lives in Africa.
Gain international business experience
Broaden your network of professional contacts
Learn a new language and experience a new culture
See the world!

Application Process

send an email to us and include your names,where you are coming from and the project or program you want to run.


Parents and children are invited and encouraged to get involved.

We're looking for volunteers who:

Care about:

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    Women's Issues
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    Arts and Culture
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    Poverty and Hunger
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    Emergency Response
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    Health and Wellness
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    Homelessness & Housing
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    Community Advocacy
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Are a skilled:

  • Ninja
  • Professional
  • Gabber
  • Medical
  • Culinary artist
    Culinary Artist
  • Artiste
  • Social savant
    Social Savant
  • Tradesman
  • Mentor
  • Grand poobah
    Grand Poobah
  • Math
    Math Whiz

Are interested in:

  • Intellectual pursuits
    Intellectual Pursuits
  • Art design
    Art & Design
  • Fitness
  • Food drink
    Food & Drink
  • Cooking
  • Fun games
    Fun & Games
  • Music
  • Reading writing
    Reading & Writing
  • Gardening
  • Sports
  • The outdoors
    The Outdoors
  • Geeking out
    Geeking Out

We need volunteers to help with:

  • progams.
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    The first week in Uganda is spent undergoing a four or five day training course to prepare you for living and volunteering in the country.

    The training will help you get up to speed on some basic local language, which will help you interact with the locals in your village of operation. You will also learn about Ugandan culture, hopefully ensuring you do not unintentionally offend anyone! This time is also a fantastic way to begging bonding with your fellow volunteers and makes some life-long friends.

    The training course is run by Hands of Grace Africa Training Services. the training week is both fun and thorough.

    Volunteers travel to our local partners accompanied by their trainers. The group will then continue their training in town. Volunteers usually travel to the villages hosting the current projects.

    Volunteering Abroad

    What better way to really get to know a new culture than by engaging in the local community through community service? Becoming a volunteer abroad with the Volunteer Opportunity Africa, Course will allow you to put your new language skills to use helping local students, protecting and preserving the local environment, or lending a hand to healthcare programs in the area. As a volunteer abroad, you’ll get to work both with local community members and with other international volunteers from all around the world. A summer spent in Volunteer Opportunity Africa program will help you return to school or college with a new global awareness as well as significantly improved abilities in your chosen language.
    “Volunteerism is a wonderful thing. It brings people together in ways that are mutually beneficial on so many levels and always has the potential for experiences and human contact that are profoundly life-changing. A single spark can indeed start a prairie fire.”
    Why Volunteer?

    People of all ages, backgrounds, income levels, and abilities have chosen to spend two weeks to three years of their lives volunteering in many different capacities on projects all over the world. Some examples of projects you can expect to find on the IVPA website include:

    Constructing a school or clinic
    Promoting healthcare in rural villages
    Working with a women’s cooperative
    Practicing sustainable agriculture
    Teaching English
    Protecting sea turtle habitats
    Joining an architectural dig
    Helping to renovate a castle or monastery
    Developing small business enterprise
    Supporting human rights efforts
    …the possibilities are endless!

    Why should you consider volunteering abroad? There are countless reasons why thousands of people volunteer abroad each year. You may start with a desire to travel, learn a new language, or meet new people. By volunteering, you’ll also have the opportunity to lend a hand to those who are working to improve life in their communities. Through your daily work and interactions with members of a local community, you’ll gain a better understanding of the culture, as well as the issues that affect that part of the world. You’ll also learn a lot about yourself, as you take on the challenge of living and working in a completely new environment.

    Can you really make a difference? “While a volunteer may wish to feed the hungry, heal the sick, or house the homeless, these social and political problems are often more complex than they may seem. Thus, the volunteer’s most appropriate role is that of a student. Working abroad can better your understanding of the world and forces that keep people impoverished, and enhance your appreciation for the richness of other cultures. For many, volunteer experiences mark the beginning of a lifelong commitment to ending poverty and hunger.”

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