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VNA Hospice Volunteer

Hosted by: Visiting Nurse Association of Hanover and Spring Grove


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Jessica Lee

About VNA Hospice Volunteer


A VNA Hospice Volunteer becomes a helping pair of hands and ears for patients and caregivers. The volunteer's time with the patient allows the caregivers time to attend to personal responsibilities and enjoy activities which help to restore the caregiver's coping energy.
A VNA Hospice Volunteer can interact with a patient in many ways. A volunteer may become a confidante, someone who listens, a hand holder, a conversationalist, a preparer of meals, an errand runner, or a friend with whom to share time. Sometimes the biggest help of all is the volunteer just being there. Volunteers do not administer medical care or services.

Application Process

The VNA volunteer application is available on our website at or you can contact Jessica Lee, Volunteer Coordinator. In addition to the application, all volunteers complete a training program. The training program teaches the volunteers about the hospice philosophy of care and their role, as a team member, in providing care for the patient and family. The VNA offers continuing opportunities for volunteers to learn through meetings, seminars, and activities.

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