Edgewood Village Arts & Crafts

Hosted by: Village Network Center - Edgewood Village


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Awna Ari

About Edgewood Village Arts & Crafts


Do you have a love of music, art, dance or drama? Share your passion with school children in Edgewood Village, East Lansing by leading an Arts & Craft in your area of interest. For just an hour, you can share your unique gifts and talents, offering up new forms of self-expression that will instill confidence, creativity and new meaning into their lives. Watch them transform before your eyes.

Once you are signed up please send a list of the materials you need to: Benjamin.garza@kmgprestige.com

Application Process

Please print and fill out the application entirely, then scan and fax/email or send by mail to:

Edgewood Village Network Center
6213 Towar Garden Circle
East Lansing, MI 48823

email: awna.ari@kmgprestige.com
fax: 517-483-2902



Parents and children are invited and encouraged to get involved.

Volunteers (7)

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