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Valley Mission

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Valley Mission Food Pantry, formerly known as First Baptist Church Food Pantry, exists to stand in the gap for ANYONE in our community in need of emergency food. We will not discriminate for any reason and will do our very best to ensure that families have at least a 3-day supply of emergency food.
Since it's partnership with the Idaho Foodbank in 2010, Valley Mission has gone from serving roughly 50 families/month to an average of almost 700 families/month to date. To serve that many requires a lot of food. To date, with the inclusion of Fresh Rescue grocery partnerships, we've collected almost 300,000 lbs. of food for these folks.
Who makes up these families?
* Over 60% of families served are WORKING, sometimes 2 or more jobs.
* LESS THAN 30% are on food stamps, welfare programs.
* Most families (about 30-35%) visit our pantry once every 6-8 weeks, NOT every month.
* Many families are 'in a spot' due in part to job loss, medical issues/emergency, family shift, and many other non-normal issues.
Valley Mission has the honor of standing WITH these families to help them through a tough season and, hopefully, give them a little hope. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?!


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Poverty and Hunger
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