Technical Coordinator

Hosted by: Utah Valley Symphony


Ongoing Opportunity


Contact coordinator for times


Lance Jensen

About Technical Coordinator

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Total time required: approx. 1-4 hours per concert cycle

This is for any concert which Bryce would like to have some explanations displayed on the scrim above the orchestra.

--Conductor will provide content.
--Follow-up with Conductor to provide content.
--Ask Covey Center Technical Director to provide a Power Point template to use.
--Put content into Power Point template.
--Have the slide show ready by Tuesday dress rehearsal.
--Come to the Tuesday dress rehearsal (at the Covey Center) to be available to the Technical Director as the dress rehearsal progresses.
--Arrange with the Technical Director at CCA if you need to be there for the Performances or not.

Application Process

To volunteer please contact our General Manager, Lance Jensen.

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