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United Way of Wyoming Valley

About Us

United Way brings people together from all across the community: government, businesses, faith groups, non-profits, the labor movement, and ordinary citizens – to tackle issues mattering most to all of us – producing positive and meaningful results.

United Way operates on a system based on the principle that UNITED; we are stronger than we can ever be alone. Our goal is to create long-lasting changes that improve lives, which can only be done by working together.

Thanks to the efforts of countless volunteers, our partner agencies, and the work of our special initiatives: the Poverty to Possibility movement, aimed at reducing the soaring level of chldhood poverty in the Wyoming Valley, Success by 6® Program, the Labor Participation Council, and the Regional HIV/AIDS Contractor - together, we are improving the quality of life for individuals and families in the Wyoming Valley.

United Way is the most proactive way to create opportunities for a better tomorrow. That's how we LIVE UNITED in the Wyoming Valley.


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Poverty and Hunger
Health and Wellness

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