Women's Leadership Initiative

The women’s leadership council aims to bring together leaders to promote education in South Mississippi.

A fundraising campaign for United Way of South Mississippi

Mission: To create a powerful initiative of women united to improve the lives of children through leadership, philanthropy, and advocacy

WHO are we in 2015?

We are a group brought together by United Way of South MS will make a difference in our communities. We are establishing a membership level tier ($100 annually or $8.30 monthly) that encourages entry supporters to increase our resources through philanthropic giving. United Way will also enhance our relationship with female Leadership Givers through a "Lifetime Contribution Level" to honor those that have seen the value of the UWSM work and chosen to be long-term supporters.

Objective 1: Develop/promote programming around Education focused on early years, continuing through 3rd grade, so that children are successful and on track for graduation.

Objective 2: Identify ways to positively impact the financial stability of families on the coast while connecting need with resources that can help.

Objective 3: Establish this group as an objective, credible source for knowledge of community resources that extends beyond just services to educate, share, and define issues that will effect education, families, and young children.

Objective 4: Support and engage other organizations established by women of South Missisisippi to partner with and create volunteer opportunities, as well as advocacy.

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About the Organization

United Way of South Mississippi

Our goal at United Way of South Mississippi is to create long-lasting impact. We improve outcomes in education, health and financial stability. We make South Mississippi's tomorrows better today.