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Building Project in Zambia

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Kathryn Pisco

About Building Project in Zambia

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Unearth the World (UTW) has partnered with a non-profit organization in Mwandi, a rural Zambian fishing village 2 hours drive from Livingstone. The project is focused on building homes for families affected by AIDS and promises an authentic African experience. In general, a large percentage of the middle generation in Mwandi have lost their lives due to the AIDS epidemic, leaving countless orphaned children. The elders in the village have selflessly incorporated these children into their own families. However, these larger families make the current housing difficult or impossible. In addition to being too small, the existing homes have grass roofs making them highly susceptible to fire since cooking is done indoors.
To solve these problems, the village chief called on an American woman (that married a local man) and has lived in Mwandi for many years. She formed a nonprofit that employed local staff and utilized international volunteers to build huts for these at-risk children and elderly. The results have begun to revolutionize the community. The financial donation from the volunteers allows for the purchase of higher quality materials for home building which has led to less fires. And the extra manpower provided by volunteers helps speed up construction and complete more homes. This project focuses on the building of safe, durable huts for the residents of Mwandi. Volunteers are also able to visit and help out at the village school and hospital.

Application Process

3 Easy steps to apply:
1. Choose your program and/or location
2. Submit your application by filling out the Application form that is in the GiveGab "Documents" section and emailing it to
3. Unearth the World will respond to your online application within 72 hours and send you an email confirming the receipt of your application and requesting a short phone interview.

*Once a volunteer is accepted, Unearth the World will work closely with you to plan and prepare for your trip! Note: Volunteers need to be 18 years of age and able to submit a Background check.

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