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UlsterCorps U-Team

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About UlsterCorps U-Team


Join our exciting new initiative – the U-Team!

The UlsterCorps U-Team provides qualified volunteers the opportunity to serve in rewarding short-term, and often immediate, assignments throughout Ulster County. U-Team members function together as an active and dedicated cadre to help meet community needs. As a U-Team member you’ll receive notifications of diverse short-term volunteer projects and events that need your skills and experience. The U-Team coordinator communicates with organizations needing assistance to ensure that the volunteer response is appropriate and the agency is prepared to receive help. Notification of an activity, with clearly stated details, is then sent to U-Team members who individually respond if interested in participating. We hope that you’ll volunteer whenever available, but there is no set expectation as to number of times or regularity.

Just a few of the many examples of the variety of projects and events in which you might participate include: community events and festivals, crop gleaning/food processing, trail work, donation pick-ups and storm relief.

If you are committed to making a difference, we will make volunteering easy by setting up all the details in advance. All you have to do is show up! When you serve with the U-Team you participate with others coming together in work and fun to serve your local community.

Join us or get more information by contacting Allison at 845-481-0331 or email


Parents and children are invited and encouraged to get involved.

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