Nourishing Minds. Shaping Futures.

Help provide healthy snacks for underprivileged children receiving tutoring and mentoring services to ensure all of Chicago’s kids have bright futures!

A fundraising campaign for Tutoring Chicago


Today, we are asking for your help to raise funds for nutritious snacks to feed underprivileged kids while they are receiving much needed tutoring and mentoring services. 


We all understand how difficult it can be for kids to learn on empty stomachs. Our "Nourishing Minds. Shaping Futures." Campaign will ensure kids are able to remain focused, energized, and prepared to study more effectively during their tutoring sessions.


Help us continue our important work by providing healthy snacks to facilitate the learning process for our students. Here are just a few ways you can contribute to our campaign:

  • Donate – Make a gift today to provided snacks for the more than 700 children we will serve each week through our tutoring and mentoring program.

  • Spread the Word – Share our campaign with friends, family and colleagues or post/repost our messages on social media using the hashtags #TutoringChi and #NourishingMinds.

Join us today to change lives and offer all of Chicago’s kids bright and healthy futures!


Andrew Zelinski

Tutor Associate Board (TAB) President


Tutoring Chicago has been supporting economically disadvantaged children for more than 51 years with free, one-to-one tutoring. Studies show that children living in under-resourced communities desperately need the individualized services Tutoring Chicago provides. Classrooms alone cannot account for the differences in knowledge, learning styles or the rate at which a student learns. As a result, students who fall behind grade-level material tend to stay behind, missing crucial skills, worsening the gap between them and their grade level peers (Improving Academic Outcomes for Disadvantaged Students: Scaling Up Individualized Tutorials; The Hamilton Project.) Add poverty to the mix, and a student is 13 times less likely to graduate on time than his or her wealthier peer.

In response, Tutoring Chicago’s 650 plus well-trained and well-educated adult volunteers tutor our students individually each week. Studies show that consistent and supportive interactions with caregivers provide the greatest opportunity for cognitive stimulation with long-lasting impacts on children’s development. Establishing and maintaining these healthy connections lies at the heart of what we do at Tutoring Chicago.  

About the Organization

Tutoring Chicago is a private, non-profit organization that provides free weekly tutoring to over 700 students in grades one through six with the help of 750 dedicated volunteers.
Our students come from economically disadvantaged families from all around Chicago, but most significantly from the Near North and Near West neighborhoods, as well as the Logan Square area. Beyond classroom help, students also benefit from structure, a positive environment, and a safe place to learn, grow and discover.