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Volunteer in Kenya

Hosted by: Tsavo Volunteers


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Philip Robinson
607 280 4492

About Volunteer in Kenya

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Tsavo Volunteers is based in Lumo Sanctuary, in the Tsavo West Ecosystem. The sanctuary is home to thousands of elephants and is the biggest elephant migratory corridor in the region. We host many other animal species in the sanctuary.

Identifying Birds:
Visitors can come learn about the over 200 varieties of birds, as well as help to record the migrant and resident bird patterns. We also teach about different birds' behaviors, such as the types of trees they nest in and what they eat. Through this recording method, we learn which trees are the habitat for different birds and thus must be conserved. This helps prevent the extinction of bird species.

Volunteers can go out with our local rangers to patrol the sanctuary. Part of this task is to find manmade objects that may be putting animals' lives at risk. This is one way that volunteers can ensure animal safety.
Foot patrols give volunteers an excellent education on how to track different animals and observe their behaviors. This is also a way of identifying sick animals, especially from the big five species. When we find sick animals, we contact a local veterinarian to treat them and often save their lives. Patrolling is a favorite activity for visiting volunteers!

Wildlife Education:

Tsavo Volunteers knows that education is key to conservation. We contribute to community education by providing wildlife education to schools by showing films and initiating wildlife projects.

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