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Therapeutic Classroom Volunteer

Hosted by: Treasure Valley Children's Relief Nursery


Ongoing Opportunity


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Kathie Collins
541-823-2526, ext. 320

About Therapeutic Classroom Volunteer


We can always use help in our therapeutic classrooms. If you have a passion -- and patience -- for working with very young children, we would be grateful for your time! Consistency is important with our little ones, who generally have lived with a lot of instability. And, of course, we could use help cleaning our classroom, too, following each session.
Working with children 18 months to 5 years can be a challenge, but it is also great fun. We work on helping to build children's resiliency by developing their social-emotional skills. (Learning it's never okay to hit someone, but instead, we use our words to tell that person how we feel.) We do a lot of listening and a lot of re-directing. ("I understand you are mad because you want to play with that puzzle, but she's not done yet. Hey, did you see this other cool puzzle?")
And, while not as glamorous, we could use help sanitizing classrooms after each session. All in all, it's pretty cool to make a positive impact in the life of a child.

Application Process

The volunteer application is found on our website under "opportunities." We provide an orientation and on-the-job training. All volunteers must be cleared by the Oregon Child Care Registry before working with our cute kiddos.

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