Threshold Passages, Inc.

Threshold Passages, Inc.

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We are a group mentoring organization for teens established in 2003. We are non-partisan and non-sectarian, open to all men and boys. We use models of appropriate initiation rituals and ongoing group-mentoring to teach boys the elements and practice of emotionally mature masculinity. Our core values are Authenticity, Respect, Safety, Clarity, Teamwork, and Fun. We rely on male volunteers of all ages (after passing a background check) to model all different ways of being a man and effectively struggling with the issues that life throws our way. We require no previous experience and we make the mentoring of our mentors (ongoing training, support, and fellowship) an integral part of what we do and who we are. We support the men who support our boys, believing that men aren't really mature men until they have learned how to mentor boys in a good way and to take on that role with increasing confidence and authenticity.


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