The Tunica County Museum Inc.

The Tunica County Museum Inc.

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The Tunica Museum has two missions. Our first mission is to preserve the history and heritage of Tunica County. Our second mission is to improve the quality of life for Tunica County residents and visitors.

The Tunica County Museum presents our history through exhibits and activities designed to educate our citizens and visitors and to help our young people realize that by setting high standards they can achieve lifetime goals. The Tunica Museum since we opened in 2002 has participated in a summer time program designed to provide our young people with skills not taught in school. These programs are both vocational and community building.

The Tunica Museum opened to the public on June 30, 2002. In our ten year history we have hosted forty-two temporary exhibits. Our temporary exhibits have ranged in scope from Smithsonian traveling exhibits to exhibits from local Artists and crafts people. In addition, we have adopted a summer theme in partnership with our local recreation commission. 2010's summer theme was Eat Well, Play Well. We were able to secure an exhibit from Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, which supported this theme. Hundreds of Tunica County young people learned and played with us last summer.


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