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TSDI Fellow

Hosted by: The Spring Development Initiative


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About TSDI Fellow


The TSDI Fellowship Program aims to develop positive one-on-one relationships between US based volunteers and community leaders in Nigeria between the ages of 21 and 35. The program will match partners and peers based on shared interests, qualifications and experience.

Peer Responsibilities
Peers sign on for 6 months at varying levels of commitment, full time (four hours a week) or half-time (no less than eight hours a month) to qualify for TSDI reference or recommendation. Peers will serve as virtual and consistent sounding boards for partner's ideas and projects with support from program staff. Peers will agree to spend at least two hours a week for six months engaging with the Nigeria-based partner via email, phone calls and WhatsApp or other IM platforms agreed with the TSDI staff.

Some qualities we will like in our Peers:
• A sincere desire to be involved with a young African community leader,
• Respect for Africans in general and Nigerians in particular,
• Active listening skills and experience of diverse cultures,
• Ability to see solutions and opportunities,
• Flexibility and understanding of the sometimes-unreliable communications system in Africa.

What Peers stand to gain:
• Gain professional experience with an international not-for-profit.
• Benefit from our comprehensive training program.
• Participate in once a month 30-minute peer round-ups and networking.
• Be fully supported by TSDI staff for the duration of the match and get feedback on your work.
• Can continue to support/follow the progress of their match or other volunteers in various ways.
• A greater appreciation for diversity and better grasp of Nigerian culture and current affairs.
• Play in role in the improvement and development of your partner and their community.
• Improved self-esteem as you are able to transfer learned skills to others areas of life.

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