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About Become A Friend of The Sankofa Center

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At The Sankofa Center, we empower people to change lives and foster healthy behaviors to prevent, detect, and treat HIV/AIDS. We utilize traditional African dance and drama fused with health information to educate people of all ages in Ghana. We are committed to providing free counseling, rapid HIV/AIDS testing and connecting people with HIV/AIDS to local medical resources. We value equipping the next generation with tools to wipe out HIV/AIDS with a compassionate and open-minded ethos. Since 2004, we have educated 35,000 students about HIV prevention, 50,000 community members on HIV transmission, and have provided over 4,000 individuals with free rapid HIV testing and links to care.

We also believe in poverty reduction in the communities we serve. Therefore, we have created Co-ops of Ghanaian women who are empowered by sustainable income making the globally inspired style line. Armed with fair-trade income, Sankofa's women lift their families and communities into prosperity. All proceeds benefit the women in Ghana.

Many people are inspired by Sankofa’s HIV prevention efforts in Ghana and want to assist in some way. However, with busy lives and hectic schedules, people find it difficult to volunteer weeks of their time in Ghana or California. Therefore, we have launched a " Friends of The Sankofa Center" project to help people share our impact.

"Friends of The Sankofa Center" are individuals, groups, or associations who showcase Sankofa’s efforts in gatherings of friends, associates, and clients. We provide pictures, videos, and "Impact Statements" that you can display at your gatherings detailing statistics on the different villages in Ghana we visit to teach communities about HIV/AIDS and provide free testing; and the schools we provide prevention education to young adults. Your guests will learn more about HIV/AIDS in Africa, and feel empowered by the work our organization is doing to reduce not only HIV; but the wave of stigma and discrimination surrounding the disease in Ghana. As a fundraising effort, we ask that all "Friends of The Sankofa Center" present our organization’s gift line of products at your gatherings. All proceeds from our fundraising Fair Trade product line, made by women in our outreach communities in Ghana, fund 3 important aspects of our work: 1) It Empowers Gender Equality 2) Reduces Poverty 3) Funds free HIV/AIDS services in Ghana! Therefore, guests who are inspired by our impact in Ghana can order great gift items with the pleasure of knowing their purchase makes a difference in Ghana!

We can either mail you free consignments of our gift items from our warehouse in California to display for sale at your event, or you can take a moment to prompt your guests to visit our online fundraising store at your event and place an order, on the spot!

Alternatively, if there is a "Retail Friend" in your neighborhood you can hold a "Friends of The Sankofa Center" trunk show event in their store to sell Sankofa's items right off their shelves in support of us! We work hand-in-hand with loyal "Retail Friends" and encourage visitors to shop our line in a neighborhood boutique near you.

We love to thank all supporters from your gatherings on social media so please prompt your guests to mention your event in the note section during checkout of their gift purchase and email us to submit photos from your event!

Our life-saving gift line is now sold in many stores throughout the U.S., Canada, Japan, and other international locales. Every retailer that becomes our "Retail Friend" carries our line in their stores with pride of knowing each item purchased by their customers helps fund our health services in Ghana while providing women with sustainable, fair Trade employment. Over the years, our "Retail Friends" have carried Sankofa’s products that have literally funded life saving education, testing, and links to resources for over 50,000 people.

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