Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project

Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project

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The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project is giving a hand up to 43,000 of the most deprived orphans in southwestern Uganda. The mission of Nyaka is a unique holistic human rights-based approach to ending the cycle of poverty that incorporates 7,301 elderly grandmothers who care for these orphans.

Out of a population of approximately 36 million, Uganda’s HIV/AIDS pandemic has resulted in over 1.1 million orphaned children who have lost one or both parents. In addition to the trauma of losing a parent, orphans go without many of the basic human needs: food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, and education. While the African extended family has traditionally stepped in to support orphans, the devastating impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic has overburdened this traditional safety net. The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project was born out of this crisis.

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Website: http://www.nyakaschool.org

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