Make a Memory

Art for Alzheimer's

A fundraising campaign for The Memory Maker Project

We are memory makers.

We’re all about art, culture & advocacy for people

living with Alzheimer's & other forms of memory loss

in NY's Southern Tier.

"What does the fall remind you of?"

I asked a man living with Alzheimer's. He had trouble finding his words, but I gently encouraged him to keep going. "Diversity of leaves...like diversity of people." Later, he painted a picture inspired by a fall still life and our conversation. I asked him to tell me about his painting. He gestured to the veins in his hands, then to the veins in the leaf. "We're all the same," he said.

Engaging in the arts can reduce anxiety, apathy and depression--all symptoms associated with memory loss. The arts also

add joy and confidence to a person's life. They conjure up old memories, and can even inspire new ones.

The Memory Maker Project is all about art, culture and advocacy for people living with memory loss.

This past year, more than 600 people with dementia participated in our Gallery Tours, Artist Workshops, Book Clubs, and Movie Roadshows. Additionally, we spoke to nearly 2,500 people nation-wide about art's impact on memory loss.

We cannot do what we do without you.

Here are are just a few ways your donation will help:

  • Purchase art supplies
  • Develop new programs
  • Pay entrance fees to museums
  • Fill our micro-gallery with students' framed art
  • Offset travel costs to care facilities
  • Fund community education lectures

Learn more at memorymakerproject.org

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The Memory Maker Project is proud to be a project of the Center for Transformative Action, which is an affiliate of Cornell University and a registered 501(c)3.

About the Organization

The Memory Maker Project

Art, culture and advocacy for people living with memory loss in NY's Southern Tier.